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Be sure and visit the SASS wire it's a excellent form with tons of good advice.

One excellent book I can recommend without reservation is Trailriders guide to Cowboy Action Shooting. Trailrider has a web page that explains the book He also makes leather goods and has a extremly thourgh cataloug with all kinds of pictures and explanations about the gear and how to go about fitting it. Tell him Joey sent ya

We just ordered 2 Ruger SS Vaqueros and a 1866 Yellowboy all in 45 long colt and a Stoeger SxS 12ga coach gun. We also will be getting a Lee hand reloading tool as 45LC ammo is expensive unless you reload. BOth the wife and I will be sharing the guns for who knows how long, or until I can convince her to get her own

We got a copy of the SASS paper at a local gun shop and it's well worth the fee for one membership in SASS However, the wife wanted to join also so we bit the bullet and got 2 memberships for SASS.

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