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That same SASS page you referred to also had a link for the SASS RULE BOOK on the main page. Cowboys are very understanding and most of us have faced the shock of having to develop a cowboy battery. The first year, three of us shared one shotgun. And I used borrowed gun leather. When we got to matches we would let the sign in staff know up front we were short a shotgun. We would ask to shoot together so we could borrow the shotgun. No problems. At our matches, we simply ask that new folks tell us what they are short (gunwise) so we can get them into a group that they can borrow a gun or two. Calibers allowed in Main match are 32 caliber and above. Most common is 45 long colt, followed by 38 special, 44 mag, sp, etc. Usually most cowboys try to get lever action rifle and revolvers in same caliber. But you don't have to. It is just easier that way.

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