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My wife and I went to our first cowboy action shoot this morning at Tri County Gun Club south of Portland, OR. What a blast! Now the problem - it looks like so much fun that we will have to join in. We compete in local defensive handgun skills matches with our beloved 1911's. Don't even own a single action revolver (not quite true, I have my Dad's early ruger 22), so now have a new excuse for guns! Can anyone give me some info? I went to the SASS web site, but it was $45 to join plus $30 for the spouse. We want some simple info first>
What guns are allowed?
What calibers? We have a Winchester lever action in 44 Mag. - is this allowed?
Can we share guns etc, until we can get enough money to outfit 2 people?
Thanks for any info and sorry for the long post.

acp Mikey
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