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Howdy Joey - Sounds like you've been bitten by the cowboy bug alright. Just a thought on the reloading aspect of it. Noticed from your bio that you are military. I also did 23 years in the service. Over those years the ammo requirement for my various shooting sports financially required that I reload.

With frequent moves, sometimes small temporary quarters, etc., having a place to set up the reloading equipment was often a problem. My solution to it was to buy a Dillon 550 machine and keep it in a box with the associated gear and reloading components. The box took up about the same space as a large vacumn cleaner in the closet.

About once every 3 or 4 months, I'd get it out for a weekend and reload enough ammo for the next few months. I just C-clamped it to a couple of 2x4's placed over and under any handy table. Then it went back in the box in the closet. Depends how much you shoot of course, by my Dillon paid for itself in ammo savings in less than a year.

The more you get into this sport, the more attractive reloading is going to become. Best of luck, and welcome cowboy.

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