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Boy was it a windy and cold shoot but not all that unexpected for Wyoming. We were just wandering around checking out the carts and gear when aproached by a couple who took us under their wing The shoot was a 6 stage pony express national shoot where your scores are sent in to SASS and compiled with everybody nationwide.

We just wandered around and talked to lots of people, without a doubt CAS people are some of the nicest around. Had a good time just meandering the range talking to people and watching the different stages.

Only problem was that I've hopelessly fallen in love with the Yellowboy (VBG) The wifey poo also really had a good time and she is thinking about letting me whip out the visa and get two pistols (Vaqueros or Bisleys), a Yellowboy and Stoeger 12ga SxS all in one fatal swoop, not to mention the leathergear.

Think we will go with the 38 spl for pistols and rifle as it's the cheapest cal to buy ammo for. In our apartment I'm never going to find room to stuff a reloading press, unless the wifey lets me chuck the dinning room table and I really don't see that happening yet

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