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User manual, parts diagram , loading data and such are available.

Yes one can load various buck loadings, one MUST use the loading data and heed all warnings as posted by the MFG of components.

I also recommend a book of shotshell re-loading. There are quite a few - mine was so old - chisled in stone - perhaps Hornady or other members can recommend a newer one - or perhaps has some of the classics available.

And of course - Bob Brister's Shotgunning: The Art and the Science is a must for any shotgunner.

FWIW I have fired reloaded paper and plastic hulled shoshells that were 30 yrs old, stored in cool , dry conditions and felled targets, doves, quail ....

I fired some all plastic Activ hulls I reloaded when Ford was Prez - they did fine.


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