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heh least you had Glocks to argue with, the current reasoning around here is that since the 1911 is a single action, and a .45, it MUST be OK...

I just moved here from Hawaii (great CAS club there), and found out that "the locals" have been trying to rope someone into setting up a match for two years.

Thanks for the advice, and I rather like the idea of a free 'demo' match to hook folks. Not that the average gun person needs much work...some of the folks on base are already floating the "but honey, I have to have a new revolver/lever gun to shoot this Cowboy stuff..." trial balloon. Lots of wives hate me. My wife is fighting back by trying to get THEM to shoot, too! I have noticed that CAS is a much more family oriented shooting sport that IPSC or IPDA.

And less whining.

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