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Well, Lone Iguana, I can guarantee you are going to have fun. First time, four stages is plenty. Need to find out who your experienced cowboys are. Try to have a Safety officer, er I mean Posse Marshals meeting to review safety rules. Cowboys shoot in squads, er... I mean posses.Get a copy of the SASS Range Operations-Basic Safety Course to review. We were pretty much the same way. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted to play Cowboy. No one wanted to be Match Director. Finally, a sucker, er, I mean a brave volunteer stepped forward. Our Glock Match Director (GSSF) stepped forward to put on the top cowboy hat. After we decided that glocks weren't cowboy guns everything went fine. We did a exhibtion shoot. Charged nothing and invited anybody to try. Thirteen brave souls shot out three stages in a light drizzle rain. We figured if thirteen would come out in the rain we stood a chance. One year later, 65 shooters at our last match. 44% are families shooting together. 18% are cowgirls shooting. It is lots of fun.

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