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Since the local club doesn't do the SASS match thing (in west Texas, go figure), I finally stepped forward and agreed to put on a monthly shoot.

I have the "So Ya Wanna Run a Cowboy Match" package coming from SASS, have two years of experience running monthly IDPA-style competitions, and am probably way out of my league.

My only saving grace is that the local Armed Track Meet folks (IPSC) are letting me play with their props (tons of steel, bear traps, all the goodies) and are willing to help out.

My first task is checking the $%#@& mailbox for that SASS kit, and the second is building up some long gun racks for the bays. My third task is deciding on a number of stages. Usually, our IPSC matches run five stages here (we have seven pistol bays), and I was thinking of doing four stages due to the slow loading of the venerable SAA. With four hours to spend and 20-30 people, does that sound about right?

Does anyone have any advice for me, before my head goes below water for the third time? (good trick down here, too.)

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