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I've made purchases at both Bud's and Whittaker's, and both are very fine shops. Bud's website doesn't list the physical inventory in the store (they are housed at the North Pole, I think!)--and the online prices are a little lower. Also, they always have a good selection of used guns in the display cases, but none of those are listed online. Whittaker's website generally has all the used guns (I'm talking handguns here) actually present, less those sold prior to online updates. Their "new" inventory is what doesn't get entirely posted.

In any event, GO to both of these establishments if you are in the areas. They have great staff and ambience. Whittaker's in particular has an incredible stock of long guns (although bear-in-mind that they are actually around ten miles West of Owensboro, in a little country community). If you go to Bud's, take a range kit, as they have a pretty nice indoor facility on-site!
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