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It may have been too strong but really think about it, who in their right mind would want to either regulate or eliminate the sale or distribution of clips or guns or ammo? I have called them many times and almost all the time they are polite people that do help. But mention mini stuff like hi caps and they clam up or turn rude. Most of the time anyway. But that is fine. A feller can still find quality aftermarket stuff. Back to the primer thing, around my area is where I first heard of the rumor at gunshows and stuff. Speaking of gunshows LOL!!, have any of you been approached by people trying to sell you illegal stuff? I have qute a few times. Later on a few dealers filled me in on them and I found out they were ATF and or FBI of which I have no use for either but.... One triied to sell me some full auto 7.62x25 rifle. I remember that but not the name, it looks like a pipe with holes in it and has a drum and a wooden stock. Neat little rifle but how stupid are they? I met the guy once and he then just acted like we knew each other for 20 + years. I cought another one following me like a stray dog and after about 30 min. of leading him around and having fun, I asked him if he was going to buy something or just follow me around all day. He got real big eyed and left and I never saw him agan. LOL! I have never dealt in ANY illegal firearm of any sort. I just liked to buy it go home and play for a few months and then sell it. Or trade it which are both legal here and surounding states. Anyway, enough of me on my soapbox, sorry so long.
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