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Joey are you sure that they offer these for a double action like your 629? The answer to that question may narrow your choices.
I have heard good things about both companies but have not used eithers products. My only experince came a few years ago when I called Kirkpatrick, credit card in hand, to order one of their high dollar double rigs. It was a large purchase and I wanted to be certain of what I was paying for. The lady on the other end had such a heavy Asian accent I simply could not understand her. (It has been suggested on another forum that it was a Spanish accent since they are in Texas. It was definately Asian, I speak Texan. ) I very politely explained to the lady that I was having difficulty understanding her and asked if I could speak with someone else. She proceded to give me a cussing. After a few seconds of this a man came on the line to cuss me more. Even though this is no reflection on their products I personaly would carry my gun in my pocket before purchasing from them.


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