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Why FCD an oversized (.452) Hard cast lead 45acp....?

I am fairly confident that I am not seating too deep.
No where near the Web...but I will check anyhow.

I use the FCD because I want to separate Seat and crimp on the 650...and..
The FCD was the only "Crimp" I had besides the combination in my three die set...I guess I could get a separate (normal) crimp.

I hadn't thought about the .452 for HCL being "negated" by the resizing ring on the FCD.
Can the Lee FCD really "resize" the .452 Bullet

The Lee literature says that you CAN NOT "overcrimp" with their FCD.
I assume this means that there is a limit to how much the taper will crimp, and cranking it down beyond that just "doesn't do anything more".

I cranked it down till I realized that I was not getting any further crimp.

I got Lee FCD's for all my calibers when I was using a RCBS PiggyBack.
They ARE the greatest thing since sliced bread for those of us who Seat and Crimp in the same station.
Now that I graduated to a separate seat and crimp, I find them largely unnecessary.

Thank you all for the reassurance.

I'm not going to worry about the "slight click" fully seating the finished round in my check gauge.
As everyone pointed out the gauge represents the absolute "Minimum" a regulation chamber can be.
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