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Finally, the "timed" primers rumor discredited...

I called and talked to CCI, Winchester, & Remington and talked to them personally, the ammo guys and the reolading fellers. They assured me and acctually laughed when I asked them about this rumor. Remington said that they were using the same method for the past 100yrs. And they ALL said that they do not make any primers that will go intentionally bad or go bad at all unless you dont store them correctly. This might be new news to some but I have heard this for years since I am an avid reloader and finally just broke down and called them. So.....anyway, I thought you all would want the concrete evidence from the companies. I am glad to get it out of the way now. I didnt call federal because I dont use there products anyway. But feel free to though if you wish. I did see some federal ammo that said no law enforcement sales. Which I dont know why. Hope this helps.
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