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I'm just curious if you really save that much money. I guess that would depend on how much you shoot.

Well... yeah, it is cheap. I scrounge the metal except for the tin... but tin Solder, bought on sale is very reasonable.

So it works out to a penny a bullet? Less?

Just like Reloading, I find that Casting is a sub-hobby of its own. I have a hood that sucks the fumes outside, and I take reasonable precautions about ingesting the stuff. Some folks cast outside to avoid the fumes... I do that myself when it's nice out.

I feel that if I take care, I'm safe enough. I know this kind of work is outside some folks' comfort level... which would spoil the fun. It's not worth it for folks who would fret about it.

I could not afford to shoot nearly as much as I do without casting.

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