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Right now the bargains are NIB Rossi '92s at less than $275 at gun shows and Uberti Yellowboys from Cabelas at less than $600. If you are in our area, Atlanta Ga, I could help you find something. If not find a FFL dealer in your area that will check his distributors for bargains on 44-40s. The last of the Rossis are being liquidated. Rossis need action jobs, but still end up being a bargain. Check gun shows and CAS matches for deals from individuals who've decided to go with a different caliber. Even Ruger Vaqueros are usually cheaper in 44-40. I got mine second hand for $250 each, like new. You have to have the cylinder mouths opened to .428, but they shoot real good then. That costs about $25 per gun and is usually the reason for the poor accuracy that's motivating your seller to sell. There's a lot more guns out there than shooters so be patient, try your friends guns at matches, and buy what suits you.
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