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Hey that lube is good and good for you too!
The pump sprays are the best to me. IMHO 44-40 is easy once you get everything worked out and nothing works better in a lever action than 44-40 or 38-40. Especially if you're using BP. You've got to make adjustments and experiment to get the most out of any caliber. 44-40 gives you a lot for your efforts. The big rim gives reliable extraction. The necked case aids feeding. It shoots a little flatter and uses a slightly lighter bullet than the traditional .45 Colt round but still hits hard. It was a real cowboy caliber in the old lever guns. The best part is most folks don't want to fool with it so sometimes you can get really good deals on the guns and they give you whatever brass they find for it.
I can't figure out why they even make the other calibers.
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