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Most cowboys I have talked to don't like 44-40 because of difficulties in reloading the brass. At our club only a couple actually shoot 44-40. Most popular are 45LC, 38 special, 44 mag/sp in that order. Secondly, don't rely on a club to chrono you. Our club rule is if the steel target don't move or we can't hear it, YOU DIDN'T HIT IT. Guess what, load too light and no one knows you hit the targets. I myself have found a 125 grain at 650 fps with 38 sp, I sometimes get calls against me cause they don't hear it hit. When the guys are used to 45LC all day it's hard to adjust to lighter loaded 38s. At 500 fps you are definitely going to have problems getting your targets judged as being hit. So, don't overdue it!!
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