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I've always felt extremely uncomfortable leaving a pistol on the nightstand next to the bed. (Who's to say that you're going to be the first one to pick it up?) Loved that comment about, 'answering the Glock when the phone rings! Sleepy people do make mistakes.

Sure you need a nighttime, 'fallback position' along with additional hardware; but, for an immediate response, I simply take my front left pocket backup gun and its well designed pocket holster, and place them under my pillow. Been doing this for more than 10 years, now. Personally I leave the pistol's safety off because the 8 1/2# long-throw trigger and pocket holster have always prevented the gun from firing. (As an extra precaution I keep the muzzle pointed at the wall and away from myself.)

Nevertheless, I recognize that this isn't a perfect solution for everybody - so, YMMV!

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