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Slightly "Fat" 45 acp using HCL

I run a Dillon 650.
Use 230 Hard Cast lead in 45 acp
(HCL is .452 in dia as opposed to .451 for FMJ).
I Size with a Lee
Flare with the Dillon powder funnel
Seat with a RCBS and
Crimp with a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
I check with a Midway Finished Cartridge Check Gauge.

Try as I might, to adjust the Dies;
I come out with about "half" my finished cartridges;
Not quite "dropping freely into the check gauge" without a little help".
They stop about an eighth of an inch short of flush
A slight push with a finger gets the finished cartridge to "Click" over whatever is holding it up and fall the rest of the way into the gauge.

The finished cartridges fall in and out of my .45 barrel(s) without any problem (at least so far), but there is that slight hesitancey falling into the case gauge.

If I:
Size, flare and crimp without seating a bullet.
The processed case falls freely in and out of the check guage

It HAS to be the extra .001 diameter (.452 vs .451) in the bullet.

Feeling the finished cartridge with sensitive finger tips, I can percieve an ever so slight bulge in the case, near where the base of the bullet winds up.

Lamp blacking a finished cartridge and then "clicking" it full into the case gauge indicates an ever so light scraping/scratching on the case at near the same area.

I thought the Lee Factory Crip Die was supposed to remove any such bulges!

Am I not using the Lee FCD correctly ?

Should I Deep six my Midway finished cartridge Check gauge??

Am I worrrying too much ???
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