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Recall one adjusts the cam to determine crimp.

Crimps can and will vary amongst different brands of hulls, how hulls are made, number of times reloaded, quality of plastic, components such as powder, wad and shot size.

Take a look at the MEC manual, or get one from them. It will show what to do if "hole" in center, not "deep enough" , "swirls" and other common problems.

I've shot hundreds of thousands of the Old compression formed plastic AA hulls, some reloaded as many as 20 times. This "new" AA ain't in the same league, the plastic or the "brass".

I think I'd rather put up with reloading the Paper Hulls such as AA or Peters than this 'new' hull. I ain't happy with what Winchester did.

I wrote Jordan a note about this. I live an hour away from the Big Green plant. I never used [ rarely] Big Green all these years. I now recommend the Big Green over the AA.

Heck the lavender( 12 bore) Fiocchi is a better hull up to about 8- 10 reloads.
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