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Howdy Zip,

There's four clubs in GA now,but the new one is in Dahlonaga,so that doesn't help you much. I've heard rumors of a new club starting up near Columbus. Go to The Game Room and call or send an email to Ray Hindle-AKA Picataway Ray. He can tell you about plans for a club near Columbus. With a couple of my pards,I ride 3.5 hours to a match in Tenn. every month-if you want to shoot,you gotta drive. The closest match to me is a 40 minute drive. I shoot at Gainesville,Griffin, and Wartrace,TN. each month. I shoot a long range match the same day as the Dahlonaga shoot,so I haven't been there yet. I have been to Macon once,and depending on the weather in TN.,we may shoot down there this weekend.

Bellicose Bill
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