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Well, there is a lot of "stuff" you can buy when you start reloading, or you really can get by with just some basic equipment. The first thing you need to spend some money on is a couple of books. Actually, you can get a lot of information from reloading equipment and component catalogs, go to the company websites. If there is not a sporting goods store nearby that carries a good selection of manuals, you can order them online from Midway or Cabela's among other places. The manuals put out by the reloading equipment manufacturers pretty much all have sections that tell you how to set up and use the equipment. Some companies also have videos that cover the basics of reloading. There are also some very good books on reloading that are not "tied" to any one manufacturer. The NRA puts out a book called the "NRA Guide to Reloading", or as mentioned above, "The ABC's of Reloading" both good how to guides, the NRA book is very basic, and the other one contains a lot of really good information.
This forum is an excellent resource for information, you will find that the regulars here probably have 100's of years of cumulative experience. Start by just browsing back through the posts and doing searches, you will find that most of the "new guy" questions have been answered many times before. If you have questions, ask them, be safe.
OK, you have a press and dies, and are going to get manuals, other equipment you will need, will be (since you asked about these):
priming tool (this is what presses the primer in, it can be done on some presses, but most people use one of these. It consists of a tray to hold some primers, a shellholder, and a lever operated ram that pushes a new primer in.
Powder measure and scale. Powder is measured by weight, but is most often dispensed for use by volume. Since all of the different powders have a different weight per unit of volume, powder measures are adjustable for volume, you adjust the dispenser unit to "throw" a specified "charge" weight. Most powder measures have a container at the top that drains down into a tube. the tube is mounted on a type of valve assembly, when the handle is turned one way the powder drops into the tube, when it is turned the other way, it closes off the container and dumps what is in the tube. The tube is adjustable for volume, you check the volume against the weight on a scale and adjust the volume until you are dispensing the right weight.
You will also need a caliper for measuring both the brass, and the assembled rounds, and adjusting dies. A few miscellaneous tools for prepping and cleaning the brass, and a loading block to hold the cases while you are assembling the ammo.
Trust me, it really isn't that difficult, and a good book such as the one mentioned above will explain it a lot better than I can (plus they have pictures )
As far as casting bullets, I'm not going to be much help there. I've thought about trying it, along with casting fishing weights and jigs, but just haven't had the time to get into it.

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