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Basic info

Tork--First of all,welcome to The Magnificent Obsession--Reloading! The basic info you want is all in a great book for new AND experienced reloaders, called The ABC's of Reloading to be found @ your local gun shop, online, or at a gun show. Or order it from Krause Publishing,

The standard advice is, STUDY UP BEFORE BUYING stuff! That way, you know what you absolutely have to have, what you want in addition, and the stuff that can wait until later.

ABC's will give you all of that, plus explaining what each piece of equipment is for and how to use it SAFELY. Not that reloading will hurt you, IF you do it sensibly and follow the directions, but we are dealing here with some fiendish pressures and hot gases, and frankly, if you do let the genie out of his bottle, he will bite you. You have to follow the recipies, not just "invent things" on your own.

For recipies you also need a loading manual (ABC's is NOT a manual, it is a how-and-why book); the best IMHO is the Lyman series. Lyman's 48th Edition Reloading Handbook is a general work; they also have one for cast bullets specifically, and one for pistols and revolvers specifically. If you only get one, get the 48th edition one. Lyman doesn't make powders, bullets, brass, or primers, so their stuff is not biased toward one brand of such.

You ask about casting bullets--that is a whole nother operation, with its own safety concerns, associated risks, and pleasures. Someone better versed in casting should comment on where to find the basic info on that. For beginning reloading you're better off buying bullets, IMHO, just to keep the number of variables you're working with, down a bit.

You ask about cost efficiency. Many reloaders get into it to save a couple $$. Some reloaders do stay at that level, and enjoy it. Others who continue in the hobby spend lots more, they just shoot lots more. Others tune their loads for each gun, or each use, and find their niche that way. You will find your own way and it will be right for you.

If you can find an experienced reloader in your area who will help you get set up that would be a big help, but you also need to STUDY UP on your own so you are sure you know what's going on.

Anyhow, welcome, have fun, be safe, reload lots, and post progress reports!
God Bless America

--Smokey Joe
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