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new to this forum, looking for pointers.

i just aquired some re-loading stuff.
went to pick up a rifle cabinet, and got more than i bargained for.

i call it stuff cause i dont know what it is.

looks like a bench mount press thing, and a few boxes of dies, a brief look at the instructions seems its for pulling the primer, opening the brass, then pressing a new one in.

i plan on reloading 38/357 just for the cost efficiency. and i have a set of dies for that caliber.

so is there a good place for basic information?
and i what other equipment do i need?
what presses the primer in?
what measures the powder? and is it by weight or volume??

i also got about 15lbs of lead... is it common to cast one's own brand or is it more efficient to just buy them??

thanks guys.

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