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Bud Helms
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Thanks for the LVR link ... I've been looking for it.

Also, thanks for the invite. I'm still resighting a new load ... 'might not be ready for our match this month. However, I'll make it a point to keep that date in the future. The Flint River Rusty Rifles been threatening to travel some.

Lessee ... Kentucky ... that'd call for loading the BIG wagon and takin' the good horses. But, I have a lot of unused rear sight (at the top). 420 yds sounds awful interesting. Crossed sticks?

My .38-55 is on a Wickliffe copy of the Stevens 44 1/2. I see the need for a .45-70, but first I'm gonna try some 335 gr Lyman .376 bullets I heard about.

Do you guys require the use of black powder or Pyrodex?


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