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Our night time HD is predicated on 1 ea 1911 in .45 ACP and 1 ea .38 special, 6 shooter for my wife. We will defend the bedroom and master bath while on the phone to LEO is plan #1.

(Plan #2 is get up and get the shotgun out of the open safe, . . . but I don't think we will ever get to that situation, . . . though we are prepared for it)

Said all that to say this, . . . 1911 is half an arm's length away, laying so left side is down, barrel away from me, cell phone just on the other side of the muzzle. They go in the safe just before I go to work, . . . come out as soon as I come in for the evening.

In a home invasion or home burglary, . . . silence is advantageous to the home owner (have cell phone turned on, and authorization code punched in, maybe even have LEO on pre-planned dial number, . . . ours is 911 and is coded to the LEO so they know who and where we are), . . . also have round in chamber (none of that goofy "I'll scare em off racking my 870" stuff).

Someone entering our bedroom will hear three sounds in succession, . . . flashlight going on to ID bg, . . . safety going off on 1911, . . . and the first of however many 1911 boom/bangs necessary to negate the threat.

Key to being able to be ready for this type of threat, . . . ALWAYS put pistol in same place, same way, under same circumstances, . . . don't wake up and try to remember where what is and in what status. You need to know!

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