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I've taken to shotgun so much, when I submit CAS stages to the match director he always has to cut down the number of shotgun shots in the stage design. I made the mistake one day of saying, why don't you do this kinda stage or that kinda stage. Whereupon I found myself drafted as asst. stage writer. There are many many 97 Winchester pumps at cowboy shoots in Ohio. Those wranglers must have dug through every basement and attic to drag them all out. I would go shoot in Ohio and see all these beautifully redone 97 Win. Seems like many get them entirely reblued and restocked up there. So after 10 months of looking, I walk into my gun store and the owner says "Hey, Ned,Your a cowboy. Gotta a 97 Winchester pump would you want to see?" The rest is history.
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