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The shotgun was the second gun that got me thinking about CAS. Believe it or not, the 2 shot Derringer ala Yancy Derringer was the first. Since the topic is shotguns though, I'll stick to that. I have never been a shotgunner. I had a single shot H&R 12 Ga that I used (seldom) for crow hunting. It spent the majority of it's time in the trunk. I always liked the guns of the west, the Derringer being my favorite. About 4 years ago, having the money to spend finally, I decided it was time to pick up that SXS 12 Ga with exposed hammers. Yeah, right, shows you how far out of touch I was. The only Coach Gun I could find was the Stoeger. My wife thought I was a bit on the loony side for spending $250.00 for a gun I was not going to shoot, just because I liked it, but played along anyhow. The only real shotgun ammo I had on hand was a box of high brass #5 2 3/4 " Rem Mag. Two rounds of that was enough to convince me to clean the Stoeger, oil it up and sit it in the corner for 3 1/2 years. I thought about selling it, but decided I liked it, even though I didn't much care for shooting it. To me, it was worth the money just to look at it. Hey, some people pay 10 time that amount for a statue,or a Hummel, so I don't consider my interpertation of "Art", anything different. A couple of lever guns later, the thought of CAS came back to mind. I figured I would drag the SxS back to the range, this time with something a bit more civil to shoot. I started with a box of the mini shells, and moved up to full sized REm all purpose loads and a box of AA Winchester in 7 or 8 shot. It wasn't at all as bad as the hunting load, and even a lot of fun. I had some doubts, and posted a question here, as to how well the Stoegers held up, and was glad to hear they do just fine. I plan on getting a Mec Grabber this summer and doing a lot of shooting with it. I really want to try some black powder loads in it at some future point, but more on that later. It isn't anywhere near as practical as my 870 Rem, which I bought this past summer after years of putting it off, but it is fun to shoot with the right loads. Now if I could only hit something with it
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