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What I mean by "more rounded" is that I try to keep up on all the shooting sports I enjoy. I shoot on average three cowboy shoots a month, one IDPA shoot a month, a little sporting clays from time to time and stay in practice on my Glock for GSSF. But as of late that has been hard to do. When I started cowboy ,eighteen months ago, there were only three places in all of Kentucky to shoot cowboy. Now, there are seven places in the state. I thus far have resisted dumping IDPA, sporting clays and GSSF for cowboy. They are great. My cowboy friends say "How can you go and shoot anything but cowboy?" I say because " I love my Colt 1911, Glock 34 and Beretta AL390 also." And so it goes, the IPSC guys keep asking why I haven't joined them (because one more shooting sport and the wife kills me);cowboys can't believe the great matches I miss;the sporting clays guys can't believe a normal person would pick up a handgun. Do you go whole hog or stay a more rounded overall shooter?
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