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Judge Blackhawk.... simply because I am an attorney and former judge (resigned to become a prosecutor) and I shoot exclusively Blackhawks. Vaqueros are nice but I dont care for the shiney finish. Yea I am strange. Wife says that all the time. Reminds me of them nickel plated saturday nite specials. If Mr. Bill Ruger would only make the Vaqueros with the new SUPER REDHARK finish I would own at LEAST 4 of them by now. I just love that new Super Redhawk finish, it is the same dull finish on my Ruger target rifles in stainles.

Well, I have to get.... the cold turkey is calling my name... and that egg-nog is cold and creamy.

Merry Christmas... Happy New Years.
May God in his wisdom grant each of you peace and prosperity in the coming year and may all your shots be true and your horses fast.


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