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though I've never shot cowboy formally in an sass match ( I will soon) i've always been fond of "Doctor Rob", "Patch" (its a blackpowder thing) or "Col. Mortimer" (a lee van cleef character) or "the preacher"

As the Doc/colonel/preacher you can wear black and wear tall boots or carry a black back/saddle rig full of firearms...

sound like fun?

I've always wondered about shooting cowboy... I have eough black powder toys to shoot "primitive" but haven't gotten around to buying a pistol caliber lever gun.

Can you shoot highpower (30-30) in cowboy matches?? Or is it "buffalo guns" only??

I'm not sure I understand the rules completely.. can you start with JUST a pistol?? ie my shiny vaquero 44 with 44 specials down loaded to make cowboy-legal??


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