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Howdy Mal,

Like I stated in my original post in this topic,contention only rises when someone has a "holier than thou" attitude about one incarnation of CAS or another. If shooting BP out of period guns while wearing clothes correct down to the last button is your thing,then more power to you. But denigrating an organization because that group doesn't hold its members to the same strict standard is just plain wrong. Both NCOWS and SASS promote the same sport-one group just wraps it up in more realistic packaging. I get personal satisfaction from how I dress and what I shoot,and I could really care less what other folks think about either of those things. I participate in CAS to have fun and comiserate with like-minded folks. If they're wearing Levi's and pointy-toed boots,it doesn't bother me in the least,as long as they're friendly and have a good attitude.

Infighting has ruined many a shooting sport-let's hope it deosn't ruin ours.

Bellicose Bill
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