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Alright Bill, allow me to extrapolate. If SASS is not reenactment why do those fellows dress the way they do? Why don't they wear Dockers & Polo shirts? My theory as to why SASS has more members is they are HQ'd out of CA whereas NCOWS is in Iowa. Therefore the weather is a factor as well as population. Also, SASS had a headstart of many years. Also, most people don't want to try to "recreate" the Old West as they have little or no idea other than what has been presented by cinema. Granted, I'm sure they have a fine time and the fellowship is grand but what is the average person's motive on joining initially? Probably they want to imagine themselves as some legendary gunfighter & here's a chance. The down side is to be very authentic one risks alienating many potential new shooters at a time when we need more gun advocacy voters. In conclusion, I think the main awards should go to those who authentically duplicate the Old West, i.e. guns, cartridges, etc. from the time period usually associated with gunfighting, e.g. circa. 1870-1885. I can't condone the '97 pumps & '92 Winchesters as the Frontier WAS DEAD, according to F.J. Turner in 1890.
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