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Bill Mitchell
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>>IMHO SASS sometimes is almost like revisionist history.<<

I'd be interested to hear you expound on this comment a bit.

SASS has never claimed to be a re-enactment group. It is an organization of folks who shoot Old West style guns,dress in Western style garb,be it Old West or B-movie western,and shoot at steel targets. SASS allows its members to use gun carts,so they don't have to tote their gear all over creation. SASS allows it's members to use Ruger Vaqueros and Marlin Cowboy rifles. The majority of SASS members shoot smokeless powder. Now,a lot of this may not have been seen in the "Old West",but,since this a shooting sport and not Old West re-enacting,it doesn't make much difference.
And how all of the above comes across a "revisionist history" is beyond me. And the only friction comes from folks who claim that one organization is superior than the other.
Yes,NCOWS does stress realism,and,if that's what you're into,more power to you. But,judging from the membership numbers,it would seem that the revisionism is the more popular. And,it seems ironic that realism means not drawing from the leather.

Bellicose Bill
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