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A friend and I did a bunch of rifle cartridge reloading last year on his Pact thrower with "attached" (via IR link) digital scale. Can't remember the model numbers off hand, but it included the "better" scale. This was a great setup for hyper-accurate (down to .1 grain) benchrest reloading, but was pricy, up around $300 total (and that was on sale). However, when he loads for pistol he uses dippers and checks his weight every nth round. Claims he doesn't need the accuracy of the Pact unit for pistol cartridges, and it takes too long for the scale to settle when you're trying to crank 'em out.

I suppose you could use the Pact thrower without the scale (thus eliminating the wait), but it still takes some time to grind out a load. More time than it takes to dip one, for sure.

I got to the point last year that I could seat a bullet (at another station) while waiting for the Pact thrower to throw a charge and settle...

-- Sam
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