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Really, you can perform the test quite safely, by placing a primed case in a vise and then using an unprimed cartridge, held by a pair of vise-grip pliers, as a punch. Put on some good eye protection, and just hammmmmmmer away at that thing, all day long. Take out your big 18 oz. framing hammer and bang down on that squib load's head while the bullet is centered on the primer. You know what's gonna happen? You're going to (A) probably push the bullet into the case, unless you've got a MONGO crimp on it, and (B) *flatten* out that pointy-tipped lead bullet, so that it actually will be as wide or wider than the primer pocket.

Primers detonate from sharply focused strikes driving the cup into the anvil. The primers are brass, the bullet is lead. Guess which is harder?

Rest easy. Have fun. Be safe. (Which it sounds like you intend to do. Excellent.)

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