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Steve Morgan
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Reloading .38+P ammo

Hi guys,
I got a new .38 snubby and am having a little trouble reloading. First of all, I have been reloading shotgun and rifle ammo for 30 years and .44 magnum as well as .357 magnum for about a year, all with no problems. Just do what the reloading manual says and blammo My .38 snubby is a different story though. I bought some factory Remington +P loads, so I know about how it should feel with recoil, velocity etc. I tried the appropriate amount of Clays powder for a standard .38 load and think that I might be able to throw the bullets as fast as it was shooting That was with 110 grain bullets. Unique powder at standard .38 pressures was a little better, but the first of 5 would almost always feel very soft. Blue Dot powder at +P pressures with 125 grainers seemed to do OK, but the first shot usually hit low and felt soft and the velocity of some other shots seemed slow.
Please, can someone tell me which powder/bullet weight combos to use for consistent velocities? Thanks
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