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I am not new to firearms, but am new to the
idea of getting myself a SA revolver. Any
opinions are solicited and welcome.

I am thinking SA, and .44 Magnum. Also, I
am thinking that I will be visiting a SASS
type shoot sometime soon, and once I do I
will be hooked. So why not get a SA .44
that I could use for CAS?

I have heard of the different categories, some allowing adjustable sights and some not.
Which category is the most popular?

And the big question is which revolver. In
my ignorance I think my only choises are
Ruger, Colt, and Rossi. Of those, I would
lean towards Ruger, unless there is some CAS
reason not to lean that way? And just WHAT
is the difference between the Vaquero and the

Thanks in advance. - Dan
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