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Went to a 5 stage shoot yesterday. Had a ball. Don't know where I finished in ranking and really don't much care.
Anyway, of the five stages, one was shotgun only. Two standard poppers interspersed within four "tombstone" poppers that ejected clay birds when hit. But you had to watch which poppers you shot so that you didn't come up short when the bird flew! Very fun, quick stage.
The team stage was a two person affair. Started by one person holding a approximately 3 foot 1x1 stake while the other uses a sledgehammer to drive into ground enough so that it stands upright (penalty if it falls during the stage). Each person takes turns firing at three reactive targets (one side blue & one grey) with their rifle, all this from about 20 - 25 yds. The first shooter then fires at a bank of twelve (color dependent upon results of first part of shoot) using the remainder of rifle (10 rounds rifle total) then the second shooter uses the opposite color. After setting the rifles down both advance to about the 10 yd line and finish off with revolver where they left off.
Another stage started off seated with 2 revolvers and a shotgun on table, one hand holding a shotglass and the other hand holding playing cards. At the beep, yell "you ain't feedin' me any of that rotgut whiskey", fire across the table at two clay birds rigged into clever cardboard cutouts, then three plates located 10 yds downrange offset to about 11 o'clock. Then pick up the shotgun and dispatch three poppers next to the steel, then pick up second revolver and fire all five shots into steel again, but no double tapping.
The next stage required a rifle and two revolvers also. You started sitting in a chair, then moved up to a house wall (two windows and a doorframe). Engage five steel from first window, range about 12 yds. Move to door and engage five steel silhouettes twice each, range about 25 yds. Then move to second window and engage last five steel targets and about 12 yds again.
My favorite stage used two revolvers, shotgun and rifle. Sitting in "buckboard", getting "ambushed" pick up first revolver from tray in front of shooter. Engage five steel 'renegades', pick up shotgun and engage six poppers. Then pick up second revolver and engage five renegades again. Then pick up rifle and engage five silhouettes twice each at around 35 yds. This must all be shot while holding the "reins" of the "horse".
All in all a great shoot. Had several first-time shooters. Total was between 45 and 50 shooters, four possees. We even had a group drive up from Memphis to just outside of St Louis to shoot. Am thinking of attending their monthly shoot later.
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