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I’ve never owned an S/A revolver till
recently. I picked up a Colt New Frontier .22RF, now I’m hooked and I’d like to get the real thing . I know I
want a Colt, I’m fairly certain I want a .45, after that I’m not so certain as to barrel length, finish, what years
of manufacture to look for, etc. I’m fairly knowledgeable about more modern arms such as D/A revolvers and
auto-loaders, but I don’t know much about S/A’s. I’ve picked up some bits and pieces, such as Colt cylinder
bores are somewhat sloppy. I believe .38 cylinders are re-bored to a tighter clearance and then fit to frame. I’m
looking for an education on what to buy and what work it will probably need. I want a good handy shooter,
that’s accurate, fun to shoot, and easy to carry. Please reply by e-mail at - [email protected] - Thank You.
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