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There is basically a "fold out" frame design that has three "legs" that can be shoved in the ground if desired. I have tested it on solid ground without pushing the leg points into the dirt and it was still rock solid.

The design is such that you can switch targets in about 3 seconds to many different shapes and sizes. These "shapes and sizes" are what I'm trying to find out here.

I'm sure if folks just want to plink that the 10x12 or 12x18 will suit them just fine but I'd like to be able to penetrate multuple markets. A friend of mine suggested I look into the cowboy shooters.

So here I am .

Next weekend I test the target thickness with my AR15 and my HK91. SO far I have tested .38, .357, 9mm and 12ga "00" at close range - not so much as a dent.

Any additional comments would be helpful.

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