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I love the balance, feel and most importantly the major fun factor of the percussion revolvers. But oh that dreaded clean up. Yet there are some that consider that as part of the fun.

(fal a Hemi in a Camaro. Isn't there some sort of law against that? Too perverse! )

I'm sure there are writers that occassionally write an unfavorable review of a new firearm. However we never (seldom) see them in print because that publication needs the advertising revenue from the manufacture.

Six months or so back I was comparing new conversion prices and at the time Traditions were the best. An 1851 Navy in .44 Colt had a dealer cost of $225. Now since all of my single actions *have* to be in pairs that translated to (in my case) $550. Not too bad for a brace of cowboy guns. For comparison dealer cost for a Ruger Vaquero at the same time was $279.



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