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Central Arms Company was a tradename used by the Sharpleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri for guns manufactured for them by the Crescent Firearms Company, circa 1900. Crescent was established in Norwich, Connecticut in 1892, and manufactured both shotguns and handguns.

Crescent was purchased by H&D Folsom in 1893. Folsom was subsequently purchased by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1926,

Assuming that your 12-gauge hammer-gun has a box-lock action, with double triggers, extractors, original finish, is in complete working order, and its condition is 80% or better the approximate value range might be $100 to $195. If the gun has a side-lock action, then the range would be higher, although by how much I cannot say. If the latter, then I would consult a competent gunsmith because side-lock guns typically command a premium.

Note: If this gun has Damascus or twist barrels DO NOT attempt to shoot it using today's modern shotshells, as it was designed for use with black powder loads only! Today's smokless-powder loads generate higher gas pressures that could cause these barrels to rupture. At a minimum, this could ruin your gun; at worst it could result in injury or death.

Hope this helps.

Good luck, and good shooting!
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