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Thanks for the come-back. It's the gin-U-wine thing alright. It even came with the original roller and clip hardware to connect the saddlering on the receiver to a bandelero type cavalry sling. SN checks out as 1897 mfg.

The 7mm bore is in fair to poor condition. Probably safe to shoot with BP or reduced loads & lead bullets, but why do that when a much bigger thud is just a barrel away? I'm been giving a lot of thought to making my own 50/100 cartridges from B.E.L.L cases. But since such cartridges were originally only available in Sharps buffalo guns and such falling block ilk, I'm wary of over stressing the rolling block and have that widow-maker case zip back thru my cheekbone.

Just trying to find out where the margin of safety lies in this iteration of the rolling block design.

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