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I agree with you about the after first shot scenario. Any ethical shooter should declare an AD whenever one occurs. CAS is supposed to be fun. Unfortunately gamemasters will always be involved. I'm sure you've seen the type, win at any cost. That's why I like CAS. It's geared against the gamemaster type. I'm not even sure if using a sliphammer is legal. How many RO's are running your stages? Do you have one for watching the shooter and his/her weapon? In IPSC we had one for the shooter, one for the timer and one to keep score.Where I shoot CAS it is more relaxed. There is usually only one RO. The squads usually RO themselves so peer pressure helps quite a bit. If push comes to shove, the RO is the boss and what the RO says-goes. If the RO calls an AD that should be that.
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