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Bill Mitchell
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We had a situation in our monthly match that caused some debate,and I'd like to get some other opinions.

A shooter,on the first shot of a stage,had what appeared to be an accidental discharge. It struck the berm about two feet above the target and slightly to the left,and the RO stopped the shooter and declared a DQ. While the RO is the final authority on calling DQs,the shooter felt that since the AD was downrange and close to the target,he should be given the benefit of the doubt. I have seen similar shots just counted as misses,and DQs only given on shots that impact the ground close to the shooter or hit high on the berm.

If you're a CAS shooter,how would this situation be handled at your club? I'd also
like to hear from those who may not be shooting CAS yet,but have an opinion on this subject

Bellicose Bill
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