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Howdy Mykl,

The main concern with shooting .44 Special ammo in a .44 Mag chamber is
giong back to .44 mag rounds,for hunting or whatever. The lead buildup can be removed,but it's also possible that there could be pitting caused by hot gasses in
the chamber. Also,some rifles are sensitive to cartridge length,causing stove-piping and misfeeds.

I have a Rossi 92. With it's tapered barrel,cutting off the breech end and setting it back would also mean having the barrel rebedded. If you're only going to shoot .44 Specials in the rifle,then I don't think it's neccesary to do a cut back of the breech-just clean it with some lead remover after use.

I use an excellent gunsmith,and he can give you more info. <a href= > Fergie's Custom Gunshop </a> is a fully equipped shop. Check out his WWW site and drop him an email,and he'll give you his professional opinion.


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