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As part of the Homeland Security course I am taking we had to take a police tactics course taught by local law enforcment instructors. We got to play with some CS Grenades..look like a big black ball...but damn they put out some CS.... I got a chuckle as one of the younger fellows in the class said he wanted to walk in the cloud He asked me would it Some of the young folks were not paying attention to the CS cloud and the wind shifted..hehe. I was already upwind

Plus they had a paintball type gun that fired pepper capsules...then pepper capsules was helluva hot we were shooting a cardboard target against the wall the wind shifted..hehe and we just got a little wiff.....ouch

They also had a training film for this... and a film when the department first tried it...

The deputy volunteered and they took before and after pictures....

The instructor told us that the deputy was told to fall to the ground when he had enough. The deputy forgot and they kept pouring it on him he was holding his hand out saying stop He finally fell to the ground. This guy was built like a Cat D9 Bulldozer. Those pepper balls must have hurt like hell because he had big blood welts on him.

I got a chuckle at one training video of an inmate who hid behind the wall in a shoer and wouldnt come out...they just fired at an angle into the stall..hehe

One of our Instructors was aslo a SWAT Instructor. he said he never carried pepper spray because the stuff alays ended up getting on him also. He does carry a taser tho.......
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