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There are lots of variables involved when you shoot a deer.It is most anoying when one runs after being hit,causing you to have to go look for it.lots of hunters with little experience will shoot a deer and watch it run off and think that they missed.I have seen lots of deer run 50 to 100yds with a perfect lung shot.If the nervious systen is hit they will usually drop in their tracts but might require a finishing shoot.With gut shots you just never know.Shoot a leg off and you may never find them.I have started shooting them in the shoulder more often, because you have a fair size target.The deer will go down right there usually,but not always.I don't like neck shots unless they are very close and sure.Aim for the shoulder even if you are off a little you still got a dead deer maybe not right on the spot but he will be close by usually.
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